Keiruna Inc. takes a thoughtful, systematic, and creative approach to all projects, and follows the core principle of “Do No Harm” as well as ethical practices such as FPIC of any and all participants.

Keiruna Inc. offers 4 categories of services:

Social-Ecological Research

  • Interdisciplinary research, primarily interview-based, bringing skills from ecology, geography, anthropology, and sociology with both qualitative and quantitative methods
  • Developing and/or implementing research toolkits adapted to each specific project’s needs, goals, resources, and context

Training & Outreach

  • Developing and delivering training materials, courses, & programs for communities, institutions, and students to build desired skills in research, project management, conservation, collaboration, etc.
  • Co-designing outreach programs and campaigns to more effectively reach target audiences

Monitoring & Evaluation

  • Mixed methods quantitative & qualitative M&E (and, depending on your preference, MEL and MEAL!), including participatory approaches
  • Guidance in developing Theories of Change, results chains, M&E frameworks

Technical Writing & Editing

  • Writing and editing reports, report sections/chapters, proposals, and manuals/guidelines for projects and institutions
  • Trainings in technical writing for institutions and students


Keiruna Inc.’s approaches are adaptable to a wide range of topics, but my particular experience and expertise is in biodiversity conservation and environmental management, especially in coastal and marine systems. Previous and ongoing topics of work include:

  • Marine megafauna bycatch in small-scale fisheries: assessing the magnitude & characteristic of bycatch, and developing possible solutions
  • Institutional and community capacity for urban ecosystem-based adaptation to climate change
  • Blue Justice interventions (and impacts of Blue Economy initiatives)
  • Gender issues in conservation
  • Project impacts on communities
  • Stakeholder perspectives of conservation processes and outcomes
  • Training program outcomes and impacts
  • Social capital for environmental management in communities


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