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“Empowering Women in Conservation” training materials

Women are critically important to their communities, and often play vital roles in harvesting, processing, and selling products made from natural resources. They are also vulnerable to negative impacts that harm those natural resources. However, in many areas, women are not meaningfully included in conservation-related processes – which means that these processes are missing out…

Journey Mapping: A research tool for empathy

As a conservation researcher whose work focuses on the interactions between conservation efforts and communities, a critically important part of my job is to better understand people.

Listen for Unspoken Voices: Our nonspeaking views much be valued

What is autistic representation? It is a question I have asked myself seriously in the past months. I have watched Love on the Spectrum and a bit of Atypical, and it left me feeling down. I was initially thrilled to see autism featured on mainstream television shows. But they were not telling the reality of my autistic experience.…

Design Thinking & Conservation

With thoughtful and responsible use, Design Thinking can substantially contribute to more effective, equitable, and ethical conservation practices.

Developing an Innovative Conservation Training Program

At the Myanmar Coastal Conservation Lab (MCCL) at Point B Design + Training, we’ve developed a thoughtful, remarkably effective training program to build research and conservation skills and knowledge and to cultivate the passion that many youths have for environmental work. We designed this as part of the Gulf of Mottama Project’s (GoMP) Conservation and…

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